What a Bag of CRAP!

Have you ever paid for a Bag of Crap?  Well, I just did!  If you’re not familiar with Woot.Com, then you need to check them out.  They have all kinds of items on close out sales and specials.  I’ve gottena few things from them, including the awesome Darth Vader shoes I’ve been wearing lately.  The best part of their close outs is when they have a “Woot Off.”  These are also called a Rudolph sale due to the flashing red light graphics used on the page.  The “Woot Off” consists of one product after another getting put up on the block at an incredible price, and the clock ticks down until they are sold out.  Most items go quickly.  Surprisingly though, the most popular item is filled with the unknown.  Throughout the “Woot Off” they offer up their Bag of Crap.  It costs $10 total, shipped.  It is so popular that almost the same instant they become available, they are sold out.  I finally got my first Bag of Crap after several months of trying.  Down below I have my video of its unboxing!  Take a look and you be the judge of this Bag of Crap.  Was it worth the $10 I spent, or was it a bargain?


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