Fathers Day 2016

As many of you know, I’ve been spending a great deal of time working on my BrainMazes book. My kids have enjoyed watching me as I drew the mazes for Volume 1. Along the way I drew a couple small mazes for them and even had a “clinic” where Jesse and Elsa learned how to draw Daddy’s Mazes.

Well, for Father’s Day this year, my kids made cards for me. There can be no greater honor than when our kids imitate us. So for my Father’s Day cards, I received their versions of Mazes and I absolutely adore them.

First, Jesse’s Brain Maze:

And then Elsa’s Heart Maze:

On the surface, it’s easy for a parent to say, “Oh, that’s cute.” and not think any more about it. For me, it meant something more. My children are watching me. They are trying to emulate me. This is a huge honor, and a huge responsibility at the same time. As parents we can’t forget that our kids are watching what we do. They see how we treat our spouses and strangers. They see when we help others in need. We set the examples that will become parts of their ethic and moral compasses.

I am so proud of my kids, who they have become, and for who they will be in the future.