This Noob’s Second Enduro Race Will Be the Last…

Waiting for the Riders Meeting.

And here it is… The race video. I hope you enjoy seeing my pain. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my YT channel.

A few of the details…

This is my second go at cross country racing with LACC series in south Louisiana. This round happened to be at the same place as the last one, which I hoped would give me a chance to redeem myself from the mechanical issues I faced on the last race.

To get to the point early, this is going to be my last race… at least on this old Honda XR250R. Though I’ve gotten it where it can recover from a crash fairly quickly, it is too heavy and not nimble enough in the tight single track. I’ll be selling this bike and looking for something better suited to this type of riding. Shoot me an email through the contact for if you are interested.

As you get into the video, I had a pretty hard crash and was injured. My motorcross boot saved my ankle by transferring the twisting action of my crash up my leg into my knee and hip joint. I got lucky, and was fortunately wearing the proper gear.

There’s a bit of screaming, and images of my twisted leg that might be disturbing… Also, there’s quite a bit of heavy breathing, because my cardio is severely lacking. To all of those that ride and race like this all the time, you are all so very impressive. I hope you enjoy the video.